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Queen of Hearts Earrings Set

Queen of Hearts Earrings Set

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  • Quality brass with 18K White gold plated
  • Extra plating 0.05 mil thickness for long lasting shine
  • Made with Premium grade crystals from Austria


  • Diameter of Crystals, 1.3mm : 50pcs


  • Diameter of Crystals, 1.3mm : 50pcs


  • Diameter of Crystals, 1.3mm : 40pcs
  • Diameter of Crystals, 0.9mm : 10pcs


  • Diameter of Crystals, 1.3mm : 40pcs
  • Diameter of Crystals, 0.9mm : 10pcs

 Full Set of 4 pairs of Earrings

Using 'Micropave' or 'Microscopic setting, "Queen of Hearts Earrings's crystal creation" - ‘Micropave’ refers to a technique of setting small stones in rows, that is only possible using high magnification. It is usually intricate, and using the smallest possible stones to achieve a uniform glitter on the ring’s surface. Some variations of the term are: microscopic pave, mini-pave, micro-set, etc. The word ‘pave’ (pronounced pah-vay) is French and refers to the intricately placed pieces of cobblestone that comprise many European roadways.
The difference between micropave and pave is that stones used in micropave are much smaller (melee) and are set using a different technique. Unlike regular pave, where stone sizes can vary in order to fill the space, micropave achieves that same result by using stones of a uniform size that are offset from row to row creating a honeycomb-like pattern.


  • Our jewellery are safe and comfortable even for customers with delicate, sensitive skin.
    We use Hypoallergenic, Lead Free and Nickel Free material double coated with real gold plating
    (Extra coating plating 0.05 mil thickness for long lasting shine) for our jewellery.


  • Keep your jewellery in the Provided PVC Zip care pouch after every wear.
  • Advise not to get in contact with harsh chemical (etc. perfume, dishwasher, soap), water and sweat to avoid it from discoloration.
  • All Jewellery should be keep dry and clean after every wear.
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