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Germanium Bracelet (Rose Gold)

Germanium Bracelet (Rose Gold)

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  • Tourmaline Scratch Resistance Germanium Pure
  • Length of bracelet approx.: 235mm

Germanium Bracelets, also commonly referred to as Pain Relief Bracelet. It can enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation and body oxygen supply as well as help to relieve the discomfort associated with the vertebral column (spine) or cervical vertebra (human neck), due to fall, sport injury or overwork.

Benefits of prolonged wearing of Germanium Jewelry:

  • Help in body and mind relaxation.
  • Strengthening of our immune system and increasing of our energy level.
  • Relieve for Arthritis, high cholesterol and migraine.

Suitable for People who:

  • Experience stiffness, numbness, muscular ache at the neck, back/spine, arms, fingers or shoulders.
  • Get tired easily, suffer from insomnia, stress, have poor blood circulation.
  • Work long hours with electromagnetic devices.
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