Treat Your Jewellery to a Spa

Treat Your Jewellery to a Spa

We are pretty sure you have experience this before. Taking your precious jewellery pieces out from their storage excitedly only to spot tarnish on the surface. Or simply realising the sparkle on the jewellery has dulled.

Well, as upsetting as it sound, this is actually completely normal and common so fret not! Its mostly reversible.

Our jewellery are all lead and nickel free hence it is gentle even to sensitive skin. However due to lack of these chemical, tarnish can happen when the jewellery comes into contact with sweat, perfumes, lotions, body soap etc. After prolonged wear, dust particles or oil residue may also build up within your jewellery, causing them to lose their shine.

Hence here at Her Jewellery, we are committed to providing you with the best care for your jewellery with no additional cost. And it is so simple, you can do it yourself at the comfort of your house.

Every order comes with a free silver polish cloth and a jewellery box. To enhance the shine, simply wipe down your jewellery with our polish cloth after each use and keep them securely back into the jewellery box. 

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