How To Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

How To Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

The beauty of jewellery is that there are no rules! However, if you want to highlight and flatter your facial features, choose earrings that compliment your face shape. Earrings are versatile, stylish and the perfect way to show off your unique face shape. 

1. Oval Face Shapes: Huggies

An oval face has a longer face with wide cheekbones and a soft jaw. If you have an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck! Oval is the easiest face shape to dress up or down. Almost any earring design is compatible with your face type. It’s best to avoid earrings with too much of a drop as this can stretch your face too much. We’d recommend huggies to really emphasis your beautiful oval shaping.

2. Round Face Shape: Drop

A round face is characterized by wide cheekbones and a similar width running all the way down to the chin. With a round face, choose earrings that elongate your face rather than widening it. Drop earrings make your face appear slimmer, longer and help compliment the round silhouette. We’d recommend avoiding round earrings that feature chunky circles or discs as this will make your face appear rounder.

3. Square Face Shape: Hoop

A square face shape is characterized by strong angles and a similar forehead and jawline width. Hoop earrings are the best option for those with square faces to soften your angular features. Stay away from square shapes as this will make your face look too sharp. As a rule, the biggest tip is to avoid earrings that are the same shape as your face. This tends to overemphasis your face shape – which isn’t a bad thing! – but it can draw focus where you’d rather it didn’t!

4. Heart Shaped Faces: Teardrop

Heart shape has a forehead that’s wider than the cheeks with the lower half narrowing to the jaw, creating a heart. To balance the sharp chin, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom to flatter the features. Teardrop earrings are the best option, so concentrate on pairs that are slim at the top, taper down and finish off wide at the bottom.

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