How To Choose the Best Pendant for Your Face Shape

How To Choose the Best Pendant for Your Face Shape

Ever wondered why the most attractive jewellery on the shelf may not necessarily look as good on you as you think? That’s because of our unique face shapes! A piece of jewellery looks great on you if it complements and balances the shape of your face.

1. Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces
 have a high forehead and are longer than they’re wide. The forehead is rounded at the hairline and is around the same width as the cheekbones. If you have an oval face, you’re very lucky because you can wear any length and style of necklace!

What necklace is best? If you want to make an impact, necklaces with oval or teardrop designs that mimic the shape of your features will look beautiful on you. 

2. Round Face Shape

Round faces are soft, curved and round. They’re widest across the cheekbones and narrow only slightly towards the jawline and at the forehead.
What necklace is best? Avoid short, chunky collars and chokers, because they’ll make your face look wider. The most flattering necklace that you can wear is a long pendant that drops below your collarbone, creating a “V” across your decolletage. 

3. Square Face Shape

Square faces are characterized by angular cheekbones and a strong jawline.  The chin can be sharp or wide, but the overall face shape will remind you of a square or a rectangle.
What necklace is best? Avoid harsh, geometric designs and instead, pick curves or circles to soften your face. Long, vertical necklaces with eye-catching focal components like tassles are another good option for you.

4. Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a pointed chin and a forehead that’s wider than the cheekbones. Your features may be soft or angular, but the overall shape of your face is like an inverted triangle.
What necklace is best? Avoid long, plunging necklaces that create a “V”, because they will emphasize the point of your chin too much. Instead, choose short necklaces with curves or round shapes to create fullness around your neck and balance the width of your forehead.

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